Only the Purest Ingredients

The world is filled with plants and minerals that can heal, clean, control odor and much more. Here at Zim’s All Naturals we have made it our mission to research how these all-natural ingredients can be used to replace the chemical filled products most of us use every day.

Every ingredient we put into our products is grown and harvested without chemicals or pesticides. Most of them are hand processed, without the use of machinery and grown as locally as we can find.


We believe it is important to know what you are putting on your skin or spraying on the counter you prepare your food on. Each ingredient is on the label, we leave nothing out. Our ingredients are not made in a lab or re-named.

Our Mission

We want to educate people on the dangerous ingredients in some of the products most of us use every day. These harmful chemicals are causing all sorts of sickness and disease. We want to bring awareness and to offer a safe alternative to these mainstream products. Check out our store and follow our story. We are always adding more products to make living a life free of harmful toxins easier.



Meet The Owners

Zimirah is the inventor of Zim’s All Naturals products and personally researches every ingredient that goes into them. She was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) around 2008. Once she moved in with Amanda she began making products for every day use that she could be around without getting sick or “chemically.” Amanda is an internet marketer and uses her skill set to promote Zim’s and farther their mission of creating awareness about the dangers of harmful toxins in some of the every day products on people use. The sisters currently reside in Northern Nevada with their 4 dogs, 2 cats and horse, Ava.

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