What Started Us On This Path?

Hi, My name is Zimirah Fire. I am the creator here at Zim’s! I think it’s so much fun to find new things in nature that hold healing properties, and then play with them all to see how they interact. When making new products I feel like a kid with a chemistry set or a hidden puzzle, excited to see what will happen. Learning how the combination of certain ingredients can produce a product with amazing healing properties. I am determined to make the best, all natural, chemical free products out there.

I started this blog because there is just so much to tell you about the dangers of what’s in many common household products and what powerful healing properties can be found in something as simple as a tiny flower. There is so much out there to learn and share. I love talking about about what I have learned to anyone who will listen. But before I start going into all of that, I would like to tell you my story about how I ended up in this position and how my eyes were opened.

In 2009 I was moving boxes out of my house and I was bit on my toe by a brown recluse spider. I had a bad reaction and went into shock. Luckily I was able to get to the hospital and was treated within 20 minutes. After seeing a doctor I was given medication told I that I was going to be okay in a few days. I had no idea how much my life had changed. My health began to spiral down quickly. So fast that no one could figure out what that spider bite did to me or how to stop it. It took me over a year to get a diagnosis. My health had gotten so bad by that time. I needed to hold onto things when I walked and could barely follow a conversation. I couldn’t count to ten and even had trouble speaking. My whole world fell apart and I was practically bed ridden.

I was told that I had multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and the only way to get better was to stay away from all man made chemicals. I was so happy to know what was going on, and to have a glimmer of hope. There was (and still is) no cure for MCS but there was a way for me to lessen these debilitating symptoms that I was experiencing! Well that was the start of my journey. I thought it would be easy, just use all natural products. I shortly found out how difficult and confusing that would be. Man made chemicals are everywhere. They off gas for long periods of time and get absorbed through your skin. Almost every all natural product I found still had some form of man made chemicals in them.

So I started to look into what these man made chemical were and why they had to use them even in natural products. I found out that many of these chemicals have been banned for years in other countries. They have be found to be harmful so they were banned for medical reasons. Yet they are still allowed in products we use here in the United States if they are in small amounts. I did the best that I could to stay away from these products and with the help of my family, I slowly got better. Chemicals still effect me a lot, but I am able to function again!

Keeping away from man made chemicals and the products that have them will be a life long challenge for me. It was this challenge the caused me to want to start Zim’s All Naturals. Although I was able to find a few products I could use, I wasn’t fully satisfied with them. I decided to see if I could make a better product, and I did. I created Zim’s All Naturals so that I can not only use these safe, chemical free, all natural products myself, but also to be able to offer them to others. My family and I use Zim’s on a daily basis. We love them and the peace of mind that they bring. One of my new life goals is to educate others about these dangerous chemicals that I was blind to, and to bring an alternative that is not only safe but also works well. So I hope you will follow my blog and let me take you with me on this journey to a healthier life.

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